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Manikins That Bleed: Johns Hopkins Nursing Education Better Prepares Nurses By Simulating Reality  


photo (23)Are you a senior, a military veteran, or a person living with a disability…and need help paying to remodel your home for easier access?

Maybe you’ve read (or tried to read) about federal grants that can help you make your home more user friendly.

The trouble?  Much of the information available is written in a way that’s hard to understand. Who wants to slog through pages of federal jargon? It can make you feel like giving up on finding help.

Well, help is here…in plain English.  Visit for a clearly-written guide to federal grants that can help you pay for upgrades to make your home user friendly.




Are you a nurse who has been bullied by other nurses?

Meet your ally, Dr. Renee Thompson!

Dr. Renee Thompson

Dr. Renee Thompson

Nurse Jackie Relapses: Hear Full Edie Falco Interview on NPR’s Fresh Air With Terry Gross, April 9, 2014

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Are you a nurse living with a disability/chronic illness? Sad nurse leans against wall in hospital corridor with doctor approaching

Nursing Shortage Fact Sheet from the AACN

iStock_000002758768Small.jpg--WW II Nurse

Need a laugh today? Check out “Things ER Patients Say” on YouTube


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