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Resume/curriculum vitae writing and editing services

Got a mummified resume? 

You wouldn’t send out a resume that you created on your Apple IIe in 1985, would you? 

And you wouldn’t hire a resume writer who practices resume techniques from 1985, would you?

Although we sometimes reminisce about learning to type on Selectric typewriters and fixing our errors with correction tape, when we work for you, we leave the past behind.

For a visit to the past, click here.  And here. And here.

For the latest resume designs and tight, original writing that represents you, without mortgaging your house to pay for it, contact us now.


What to Expect from Us:  

Professionalism and Continuing Education. You benefit from our real-world experience in employment consulting and our membership in the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA). Membership in the NRWA keeps us aware of our industry’s best practices, offers us continuing education and certification, and gives us instant access to other professional resume writers. The NRWA lets us consult with peers for input in tricky situations. If needed, we can also refer you to another resume writer who is a better match for your situation. We’re all in this together.



Affordable Fees for Original Writing. Writing about yourself is hard. Writing your own resume is hard. Resume writers put off writing their own resumes because it’s hard. It can be tempting to do it yourself…copy here, paste there from ready online job descriptions. The trouble often begins when you confront devilish details that you wish were someone else’s problem. Send your problems to us. Better yet, contact us and let us do the heavy lifting for you from the start.


No Canned Verbiage:  Employers who get resumes with canned verbiage might not disqualify you, but they probably won’t place you on the top of the pile, either. Faced with a barrage of slick sounding resumes, employers might wonder if these applicants pooled their money and hired the same bad resume writer at a group rate. The burning question: which bad resume writer is getting all that business?  

You’re an original. That’s how we’ll treat you. No boilerplate writing.  Each resume, CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile is a new and original project. Euphemisms and business jargon are tolerable in small doses. Cliches are exasperating.


Tight Writing With Efficient Use of Key Words. Generally speaking, when your knowledge deepens on a topic, you need fewer words to summarize it. It’s the same with our resume services. We get to know you well enough to precisely describe your work–present, past and future. Key words and phrases matter, but overdoing them can annoy your reader.


Layout Skills.  Try-too-hard layouts. Bric-a-brac formats. Hideous templates.  Everyone calls them something. Whatever you call bad formats, few things are worse. Work with us and expect meaningful content and eye-pleasing form. We’ll help you choose the best layout to draw a reader’s eyes to critical parts of the page. No tchotchke. No filler. Just the facts and even dashes of humor if you’re the lighthearted sort.


Personalized Service. We meet with you in person, by phone, by email and by text to discuss your needs one or many times. We follow up with you often to keep you posted on progress, verify information, and get facts and formats right.

A professional resume writer is also an effective researcher and a probing interviewer (think of our meeting as a safe place for stammering, awkward pausing, and blank staring…this is the time to mold and perfect your elevator speech…a dry-run interview to practice for the BIG ones).  A serious resume writer will interview you and want to speak to you.

You know your history better than anyone, and only you have access to information like performance appraisals, dates of employment, and official titles (don’t worry, though, we’ll help you organize those items before we meet). We’ll collaborate with you to be sure we understand what you’ve done and what you want. We can help you mine your strengths and accomplishments, too, if you’re stuck.


anxiety and creativity at workPerfectionism. You want a nit-picky resume writer.  You also want one who can take criticism if you’re not happy with her work.

Don’t be bullied by your resume writer, either. Don’t let him yell at you or her guilt trip you for giving honest feedback. A professional writer will request feedback and thank you for it. At In Writing, expect your resume to undergo multiple rereads and detailed revisions from fussy wordsmiths who know how to represent you on paper. You should be fussy, too.


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Types of problems we often hear about from our customers:

My resume paints me as a job hopper.  How can I minimize that effect?


Can you help me update my resume format?  Mine is 20 years old and looks it.


This is my first job out of college, and I have no idea how to set up a resume.


I’ve gotten a degree for another profession since I last created a resume.  Can you help me sell my new skills on my resume?


What does it mean to “make good use of white space” on a resume?


How many pages should my resume be?  Can you help me reduce the number of pages?


My resume looks cluttered.  Can you help me achieve a clean, minimal look?


What are the latest resume designs, and which would you recommend?


Can you help me design a cover letter?


I’ve been promoted several times since my last resume.  Can you update it for me?


My friend told me my resume looks “old fashioned.”  Help!


I just need a quick “once over” to be clear of typos or anything that I may have missed that an employer would catch.

Can you write a resume that won’t sound generic?

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