Career Coaching

What’s the difference between career coaching and career counseling?

Do you regret your chosen vocation but feel it’s too late to change now?

Do you fantasize about your “ideal” career but don’t know how to go about making a change?

Do you live with a “hidden” disability and worry that you “can’t” do what you want to do?

Our career coaching may be for you.

Traditional career counseling has its place and can teach you a great deal about yourself.  This is especially true when you feel lost about who you are and how to use your innate talents to make a living.

The trouble with traditional career counseling: it can be fiendishly expensive. 

Career and personality inventories can cost you thousands of dollars–a fine option if you have the resources.  But what if you don’t?  

The “I hate my work and need a diversion” scenario


When counseling fails to offer revelations 


Career Coaching

Our career coaching is a practical, affordable option to get you thinking, writing and talking about what you want…and, often more important, what you don’t want. Our approach wastes no time, is down to earth and is focused on the real world.

There is no great mystique to our coaching, which generally involves practical reading, writing and researching activities, much of which you complete on your own time. 

As you complete the work in coaching, we can meet personally or talk on the phone/Skype as needed to discuss what you’re learning.

More about our career coaching services


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