Students Who Learn Differently

We are experienced Blunt Penciland trained to work with students who have the following conditions that can affect learning:

Autism spectrum disorder (formerly called Asperger’s syndrome)
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Visual processing disorders
Auditory processing disorders
Traumatic brain injury

Students with these types of conditions tend to struggle with organization, concentration, beginning projects, completing projects and more. This is despite a tendency to be of at least average intelligence–and oftentimes much higher.
Many students who are not diagnosed with a disability experience the problems listed below. However, a disability can magnify these problems and seriously disrupt the writing process:


Trouble with organization. We help you create a structure to get you organized and keep you organized when writing a paper.

Inattention to details. We help keep track of the details while maintaining the overall writing project.

Procrastination. Sometimes it helps to be accountable to someone in the process of completing a writing project. We can help you stay on a timetable.

Trouble with executive functioning. Many with disabilities have trouble with planning and following through. Working memory can also be affected. These symptoms can worsen when you work alone. Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin or even how to begin. We can help you get started, organize your information to help you remember it, and develop a plan to see you through to completion of your projects.


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