From Katie Anton, Founder, In Writing


In February 2013, I started In Writing to offer quality, affordable tutoring and editing services for teen through adult writers as well as resume services for employment seekers. 


 In Writing’s mission:



With degrees in psychology and human resources, I initially worked in Minneapolis-Saint Paul as a teacher/caseworker for adults with traumatic brain injury and then returned to Milwaukee and worked as a job developer, job coach, and vocational assessor for adults with barriers to employment, many with disabilities (ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and autism spectrum disorder). 

My experience includes resume and curriculum vitae writing and editing, vocational assessment writing, and curriculum designing for teen and adult learners, skills I keep sharp through continuing education and membership in the National Resume Writers’ Association and the Editorial Freelancers Association. Many years of medical editing and transcription have refined my knowledge of the medical language, which I continue to use when nurses and other health professionals need help writing and editing.

Language has always fascinated me. In 2010, as I edited medical transcripts by day, I tutored by night, helping undergraduate and graduate students write and edit their scholarly papers, an endeavor which grew to become the business entity of In Writing, LLC, in early 2013.  Since day one, resume, CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing and editing services have always been a vital part of In Writing.  

In 2014, I expanded the services of In Writing to write for businesses, which has included repurposing content and writing original content for whole websites. My most recent writing projects have included writing for the heavy truck repair industry, the real estate industry, and the travel industry.  My philosophy: if you can read and research, you can write about almost anything…at least that’s how it is for me.  If you need a writer, by all means browse the 45+ pages of this website to get a sample of my voice. While you’re here, visit the In Writing blogs and enjoy the talents of other writers who have contributed significantly to In Writing.

Whether you need help writing/editing a graduate literature review, an undergraduate senior thesis, or a high school term paper…whether you need a resume writer to help you get that interview…or whether you need someone to write or edit your website, In Writing is here to help you succeed.


From Robin Campbell, MA

I have been very happy to join Katie Anton at In Writing. Having worked as a writer and editor in all kinds of milieus, I enjoy the challenges presented by In Writing’s wide range of clients.

Katie and I share an interest in medical transcription, a field in which I worked for many years.  I learned much in those years not only about medical terminology, but also about how health care providers assess their patients and then communicate their findings to other providers.

My interest in words, grammar and writing is almost as old as I am.  I did my share of college-level writing at the University of Illinois in Chicago, from which I received a bachelor’s degree in history.  I learned to “write tight” while earning a master’s degree in journalism at Northwestern University.  I have written and edited for newspapers, for college students and professors and for New York City publishers.  For recreation, I write novels, short stories and poetry.

Over the years I’ve encountered many people with great skills in their fields of interest who can’t, or don’t want to, manage the sometimes quite unrelated challenges of writing.  To me, that’s fine.  At In Writing I continue to enjoy helping bright people in many fields communicate their thoughts “in writing.”


From Erin Miller, BA

Admittedly Katie and Robin are tough acts to follow, which is why I thought I’d try a bit of improv and see how we’d riff off of each other. After I got my degree in English writing, I worked in public libraries, taking public speaking gigs at various venues to supplement. I’ve talked to senators, teachers, parents, and professionals of all stripes–but my specialty is in disability advocacy. One of the first things I learned to ask while speaking to all of these different audiences is, What do YOU want to get out of the written and spoken word?

Because while we all use language, there is a surprising variety of functions it can serve for us. Even when we speak the same language. Literally. Some people speak abstractly about big-picture ideas; some want more action-oriented, concrete language about people, places and events. Some people are men of few words, and others are very talkative. And who you are as a person is going to affect how you learn; thus our approach in getting to where you want to go. We all have different abilities. There are many different styles of communication beyond what we may have had in high-school English courses. And therein lies the first step to communicating effectively: making your words yours. Putting yourself in writing.


From Christi Sarff, BS

I have been very happy to be a part of the fine staff of In Writing.  I’ve known and worked with Katie Anton since 2008.  I know that she holds very high expectations of herself as well as her staff.  I checked my first aid kit. I have plenty of coffee grounds and a wooden ruler with which I can smack my own knuckles, so I don’t have to be in her office at all times.  I feel ready and appreciative for the challenges presented to me.

I started my educational voyage by attending Lakeland Community College, majoring in Radio Broadcasting.  During the first two weeks there, I was hired by a real commercial radio station, 1270 WEIC, in Charleston, Illinois. I was amazed that I could get a job doing that with two weeks of schooling, so I figured I didn’t need to complete that associate’s degree. I switched my major to Communications.  I transferred, the following year, to Blackburn College.  There, I worked on the newspaper staff nearly every night, wearing many hats.  I spent two years there. Next, I transferred to MacMurray College, added some majors, and found myself both delighted and sleep deprived because their college newspaper had an edition to be put out every single day! I wore as many hats as I could stack up and burned the midnight oil. I graduated with a triple major, a Bachelor of Science in art, theatre, and English, with a heavy amount of psychology courses as my “electives.” By virtue of the Almighty Department of Professional Regulations, my credentials read as follows:  QMHP; QDDP; QHSP; and BS. I don’t like the fact that a hard-earned Bachelor’s of Science degree provided me with the letters “B.S.”

I have taught many things, ranging from average daily living skills for people having developmental disabilities, managing group homes and caseload at the same time. I also have taught people with mental illnesses. I have taught everything from the alphabet to writing college term papers.  I have taught public speaking.  I’ve written four eBooks; two plays; and a monthly newsletter for my own licensed home inspection business, having a circulation of 600.  I’ve also written a mountain of SEO-savvy articles for who-knows-where, and they are somewhere online, with no “by-line,” reaping “wadso-buckso” for somebody who is not me. It could be you.  That’s the plight of being a ghostwriter.  I’d be happy to write for you so you can be wealthy.  Katie will pat me on the head and give me a cookie.  (I prefer oatmeal, no raisins, soft, and no ginger.)


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