High School Students

Is your child on the verge of failing because of poor composition skills?

Does your child:

Struggle to complete homework?

Write well but have trouble organizing thoughts on paper?

Turn in shoddy work despite high intelligence?

Need general homework help — starting, staying focused and finishing?

Contact us now and get the help you need.

Like most of your child’s teachers, we tutor because we love it. We understand the English language, enjoy the written word, and know our grammar concepts.

We also know what we don’t know, and we’ll tell you that, too. We work with students of every ability. We’re patient and we know how to keep our students on task and accountable.

What’s more, we know how to make learning more enjoyable. We find out how our students learn best and then design lessons to match.

Below are common complaints from our high school students:

“I hate to read.”

“I do okay in speech class, but I just can’t find the words when I write term papers.”

“My teacher said I plagiarized; I didn’t use a direct quote so I don’t understand how I could have plagiarized.”

“I need to write an essay to apply to college.”

“English is boring. I prefer math.”

“My term papers are returned to me full of red ink; I’m a loser.”

“I’m sick of everything being so hard for me. I can’t focus enough to read.”

“The teachers pile on so much homework, I don’t know where to start…and so much of it is writing these stupid papers.”

“My writing sucks. My teacher thinks I might have ADHD.”

“I’m failing everything but woodworking because I hate to read and write. I’d rather work with my hands.”

“My writing and spelling are so bad, I’m afraid I’ll never be able to go to college.”

“I only read comic books.”

“Sometimes during lecture, I can’t keep up with taking notes. I miss a lot.”

“I love playing football but, if my English grades get any worse, I’ll get kicked off the team.”

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