Resume/CV writing and editing services….Website content writing and editing services

Got a mummified resume? 

You wouldn’t send out a resume that you created on your Apple IIe in 1985, would you? 

And you wouldn’t want to hire a resume writer who uses resume practices from 1985, would you?

Although we sometimes reminisce about learning to type on Selectric typewriters and fixing our errors with correction tape, when we work for you, we leave the past where it belongs–in the past.

For a visit to the past, click here.  And here. And here.

For the latest resume designs and tight, original writing that represents youcontact us now.



Delegate your website content writing and editing to us!


Need a pro to write or edit a few pages of tricky or tedious content? A bio? An entire website? We’ve got you covered.

We do it all.  And we can do it for a variety of industries.

We also work with a variety of budgets:  you probably CAN afford to hire a copywriter or copyeditor. Even if you’re a young startup or a nonprofit, we can probably find a way! 


Need better search engine optimization (SEO)?  We’ll point our laser beam at the key words of your industry.

Need a weekly blog post?  We’ll maintain your blog posts to keep your customers informed and engaged.

Need someone to explain your services and products in your voice? We’ll listen, advise, and help you succeed in business.



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