More about our career coaching

It’s hard to deny that traditional career counseling is exciting and interesting during the analysis part.

The trouble often begins after you leave the comfort and structure of your career counselor’s office.

If and When were planted, and Nothing grew.” ~Proverb 

Although counseling may have given you some structure and insights about who you are and what you enjoy doing, you often remain stuck.  

You may think about change, but not act on it.  You may need a push to get you to act.  Or maybe you need direction on how to get started.

Feeling “stuck” is no small thing.  Some people find themselves with a disabling sense of being “frozen.” They might be unable to identify, much less perform, whatever concrete (and often tedious) actions they need to do to make change happen.

Others may have a better idea of what they would like to do but may not know how to sequence the steps to get there.  This does not mean a person is unintelligent.

Frequently people who present to us with trouble making plans and especially executing plans have above-average, even superior intelligence.

Our coaching may help you if you are someone who tends to be disorganized…someone who tends to put things off.

Others learn through coaching that they learn and process the world very differently from the more linear educational system they have experienced.  They may realize that they need certain supports in place to thrive.

In coaching, we help you manage the concrete (and admittedly less glamorous) tasks that you may hate to do but need to do to get yourself out of inertia.

We offer structure and keep you accountable and focused on your goals.

We know how to ask questions to get to the roots of what might be holding you back.

Coaching rate: $35 per 60-minute coaching session

Coaching activities can include:

Resume building 

Planning and organizing your time

Reading and researching assignments

Exploring community resources

Checking in regularly by phone, Skype or in person to help you stay on track and push you to follow through on tasks

Identifying potential barriers to employment

Exploring strengths, needs, and preferences

Mock interviewing

**We are familiar with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.  We also know that the DVR system is not a fit for everyone.   If you’re working with the DVR (a system in which people with employment barriers can spend years getting little, if any, practical assistance), you might want to give our coaching a try.

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