Succeed…in Your Academic, Business and Personal Writing

“People aren’t made with cookie cutters. Neither are our services. We tailor our services to your needs and your personality.”

Katie Anton, President 

In Writing, LLC


Writing well is essential in today’s world–more than ever before. Everywhere we are asked to communicate complex information and ideas.

We offer our customers writing, editing and tutoring services — in high school, in college (undergraduate and graduate), and in the business world.  We also design and edit resumes, CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for a variety of employment seekers, with a specialty in nursing.

We can:

review and comment on your project remotely (via Skype, phone or email) and/or meet in person for one or many times

meet with you in the community–at the library, on campus, at your place of business or another location

–OR we can work entirely on line whatever works best for you!


How do we help you reach your writing goals?

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We Are Organized: We arrive prepared to begin with a written plan. We get to the point. We help YOU stay focused, too. We use many of our own curriculum designs that we tailor as we get to know you.

We Are Practical: We create lessons that are relevant to your goals and the real world. You get an excellent value: All prep and travel time is included in our hourly fee. Click here to learn about your writing portfolio

We Are Multisensory: Learning happens through the five senses. Many of us use a dominant sense to process information; others use a combination.

If you learn best by seeing information, we design lessons that are visually based.  We would reinforce your learning by implementing hands-on and listening activities (related to your less-dominant senses of touch and hearing).

We Are Outcome Based: We create goals together and adjust them as needed. Before we meet you for the first tutoring session, we require you to write down measurable and realistic goals. This keeps both of us accountable and tracks your progression with us.

We focus on your strengths as a learner to help you succeed. As everyone has their own learning preferences, we regularly ask you for feedback to make sure that what we are doing is helping you. If not, we try something else. With time, your goals may change, and we can always update your written action plan. More About Our Approach

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