The “I hate my work and need a diversion” scenario

Maybe you sit in the office of a career counselor because, frankly, you don’t know what else to do with yourself. You also toy with an impulse to enroll in an expensive graduate program. You seek a diversion–and anything seems better than your miserable job.

Without much forethought or real-world research, you take a serious risk in making rash decisions about your future. 

Avoiding or deferring reality seldom ends well.  And avoidance of your job situation is hardly a good reason to spend enormous amounts of time and money on endeavors because they distract you.

Sometimes more education and retraining is the answer to your career woes.   And education can be found in unexpected places, too. Maybe the traditional ideas about continuing education don’t apply to you. Maybe there are real-world options that you did not know you had.  In coaching, we can help you sort out questions like these.

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