When counseling fails to offer revelations

When you have a relatively strong sense of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and natural preferences, traditional career counseling and testing may not teach you much more than you already know about yourself.

Some vocational instruments also tend to have a corporate focus.  Some people-especially those with less conventional talents, skills and personalities–don’t benefit from being viewed through a corporate lens.  

People with invisible disabilities

People with “hidden disabilities” may experience a lifelong struggle to find meaningful work.  These individuals may find “partial fits” in many careers. Sometimes people with disabilities (not to mention people who are less conventional) decide to carve their own jobs.  

Seek counseling through your health insurance

If you remain adamant that you want career counseling, another good option is to try to find a counselor through your health insurance if you can.  That way you get help paying for some of it.  Look for a practitioner with a master’s degree in counseling psychology or with a master’s degree in social work with a specialty in career counseling.

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